Pupa (Anime) trailer. I’ve been waiting this for my whole life/? but they’re disappoint me… Oh god why..

I’m Done

Hello guys, maybe I’m gonna deactivate my Tumblr, sooner or later. Because, just because. Or… Maybe it’s because the photos I post to Tumblr is full of copyright.
I already say ‘copyright to the owner’ or something like that, but someone says it’s not enough. I’m tired of this sh*t. Somebody - or maybe not only one - block my Tumblr and thinking that my Tumblr is full of copyrighted photo so they report me as a spam. I’m okay with that. I respect the creator of the photo. But I’m tired of this f**king bullsh*t. Instagram user never complaining about this, even though I only put ‘copyright to the owner’. And now I’m gonna say, I’m done posting photos with so many copyrighted thingy.
So, from now on, can anybody please stop sending me those message saying that photos is copyrighted? I’m tired of that f**king bullcrap. I ALREADY KNOW THAT THOSE PHOTOS ARE COPYRIGHTED. I’M NOT BLIND OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. WHY EVERYBODY IS COMPLAINING ABOUT COPYRIGHT?! I’M DONE. I’M SO F**KING DONE WITH THIS.

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